We are passionate.
Passionate about making innovative applications. Passionate about solving the next big problem. Passionate about making your application stand out.


Our passion has driven us to develop a deep understanding of the digital world and consequently has given us an unparalleled expertise in the field. This is the proficiency you will get when coming to us with your mobile project.

You will also benefit from our hand-in-hand approach to reach your goals. Our skill will accompany you from the concept phase right up to the delivery phase, and beyond. Our team cares about your project as if it was its own, and we will not let you down. Each member is deeply, genuinely and fully implicated. You will never be in the dark when working with RiseUp because your mobile experts are just an email or a phone call away.

To conclude, our drive has pushed us to become certified Xamarin authorized consulting partners and bring our expertise to the next level.




At RiseUp we know all about startups in the mobile arena. We’ve walked the path before you and we know how to get your dream project up and running. Key success factors for a new mobile app include hitting the right balance between the minimum functionality needed to determine viability and controlling costs. We implement your vision and help you make the right decisions. You have challenges, we are the solution.



You are an agency and mobile customer demand is increasing but it’s not your core business? Why heavily invest into building a mobile team from scratch when you can hire one ? With our extensive experience we can be your ideal partner.



You are a project owner inside your company and you have been tasked to develop a mobile app? Whether it be an enterprise or public application. We have the expertise to analyse your needs, translate them into a mobile solution that will change the way your company works and/or the way you interact with your customers. We will help you conceptualize, design, implement and deliver your game changing application.

Our Approach

Our agility-oriented approach allows us to regularly keep you informed through the release of consistent beta versions. This gives you time to identify usability or design issues you would like to address. Our flexibility also helps us pin-point your needs more quickly and accurately. We will not only develop your idea, but we will challenge it. All its aspects will be improved to fully integrate the mobile ecosystem.

  • Define, implement, improve

    Our development process is very thorough, and has been sharpened with years of experience. Our art and skill combined with your creativity insures the success of your project. Everything we build passes a suite of automated and manual tests . This allows us to focus on new features (instead of bugs) and gives you the confidence to evolve and adapt. Through test-driven development, the products we build are always reliable and flexible.

  • One team, 3 platforms

    We develop across all platforms, natively. As Xamarin Consulting Partners, we can develop better quality apps that require less code, less maintenance, for a competitive price.

    • Use one team one and one set of tools, optimizing budget
    • Accelerate time to market with 60-100% shared code accross platforms
    • Scale for ongoing maintenance, iteration and new technonlogy
  • The concept

    RiseUp is a mobile development cell. We love it and everything that gravitates around it. We take your idea and bring it to life. There are several fields that revolve around a successful app, and those include UX, design, timing, code quality, stability, and of course the concept itself.