Banque de Luxembourg

  • Client

    Banque de Luxembourg
  • Platform

    iOS / Android
  • Technology


Banque de Luxembourg is an exceptional project in terms of technology, software engineering and teamwork. Complex navigation, transitions, animations and UI in general required a lot of different teams with expertise in many different fields, and we are very proud to be a part of it. Even the simplest features were revisited, redesigned and developed from scratch with a new, young mindset.

We treat all our apps with the utmost importance, and a banking app will always raise the bar. No mistakes are allowed, it has to be perfectly stable and reliable from day one, not only because your users expect it but because it is important and this is what we do. Always aiming towards a good UX, a fluid navigation and not only a sense of security but a real, safe experience for every user.

This is why testing was the biggest challenge of this project. Even the massive size of the various teams could have scared us but it didn’t. It’s testing and making sure the product that is delivered is trustworthy. Wether through unit testing, integration testing, UI testing or simply manually testing, we did it all and we are happy to have delivered a high quality app.

Features :

  • Precise charts of accounts statements
  • International money transfers
  • Complex testing on many different screen sizes and platforms
  • Secured login with external device