MEC Cafe

  • Client

    MEC Global
  • Platform

  • Technology

    C#, Xamarin.iOS

Tailored content delivered based on micro-location

Using the beacon technology within the MEC premises, we were able to deliver specific digital content along the users journey. MEC has seen that this under rated technology, has the potential to change the way they communicate with their user base.

Imagine the day your phone will be able to guide from the parking lot to the reception and while you sit there waiting for your appointment,  your device offers you digital content to enjoy the moment.

This is exactly what we did with the MEC application delivering high value content at specific locations within their site. It is just the one of the many possibilities that beacons have to offer.

We were excited to play with cutting edge technologies allowing us to create tomorrow’s digital experience.

Features :

  • iBeacons
  • GPS
  • Remote data