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They came to us with a challenge, revamp their app from the ground up. We gladly accepted and it now clearly reflects the teamwork that was required to deliver such an enormous project. The real difficulty here was to synchronize all teams from different backgrounds and timezones using various tools ; wether it was us, their back-end team, marketing team or third parties managing ads, statistics, analytics, and even live streaming, everyone has to be on the same page and ready to provide a great digital radio experience. The complete work process was drastically different than with our other clients, and everyone grew more experienced out of it, happy to have all worked together, from the blackboard sketches to the store.

The inner challenges of the apps ranged from complex UI (layers of tabs) to incorporation of live streaming, even when your phone is locked, all that in a neat design with polished animations, for iOS and Android on a single code base.

To top it all off, we knew the code base had to be flexible enough to respond to all three apps (Radio Contact, Bel RTL and MiNT), which was by itself quite a feat. It felt great to see all our pieces fall together as one yet completely independant, and all clip perfectly into shape. After weeks of development,  we all finally gave birth to three beautiful cross platform apps.

We are glad to announce this was all a big success on every level.

Features :

  • Messaging system (with live broadcaster)
  • Video streaming
  • Audio Streaming
  • Locked-phone audio streaming
  • Analytics / Statistics
  • Video/Audio archives
  • News feed
  • Offline navigation