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    C#, Xamarin.iOS

Provide a warm and personalized welcome to your company’s visitors.

Our partnership with Proxyclick allowed us to create a mobile experience based on their existing web app, starting with Today, their host centric app. The challenge was mostly on the UX side of the app, trying to display a lot of information in a way that is straightforward. Using a small number of screens in an efficient flow, we conceived an enjoyable experience, from ticket creation to checking in and out of the building. Another particularly complex aspect of the app was the level of customization. We needed to show custom data that was setup on the CMS allowing Proxyclick’s customers to craft their own user experience.

One of the most exiting features is the advanced notification system. The default notifications fell short of the requirements Proxyclick desired. We built an immersive dashboard where the host is presented with a high resolution photo of the visitor and has the option of responding via several channels including SMS, voice call, or even a custom message sent to the receptionist.

This was more than a mobile project, this was an opportunity to shape/carve a new landscape for receptions around the world.


Features :

  • Rich push notifications
  • Remote data
  • Photo
  • Analytics

And it’s available, “Today”.