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Proxyclick Welcome is the ‘Kiosk App’ that goes in pair with Today, except this time, all the experience is centered on the reception, not the host. Instead of filling various forms and waste both time and paper while the receptionists is trying to find your name among many others, Welcome knows when and where you are expected, and typing your name will guide you through a series of customized forms made specifically for you. No more templates or unrelated questions, you get exactly what is required.

All that is packaged in a small yet complex and polished app that works offline and synchronizes itself automatically when online to give an unprecedented experience in terms of digital reception.

The various challenges included the customization of the UI, the queuing and synchronization of data (even offline) and the incredible load the app has to sustain. Handling such an amount of users requires a perfect memory management and an always increasing optimization.

Features :

  • Offline data
  • Live updates (language, data, flow, etc.)
  • Heavily customizable UI & navigation flow