Build your mobile app with developers who care about quality just as much as you do.

If you’re involved in a mobile app project, you know the struggles of putting together a team of qualified developers, creating a relevant product, and maintaining it over time. We’ll gladly help you reach those goals.

Get answers to all your questions.

Wondering which technology is best for your needs? Not sure how to create a first version of your app that’s both budget-friendly and complete enough to test your key ideas? We’ll come up with a roadmap and go through the journey together.

Rely on an experienced team.

Our team has decades of combined experience collaborating with clients like RTL Belgium, Banque de Luxembourg, and Proxyclick. Based on insight from past projects and a clear understanding of your needs, we’ll help you make the right decisions for your app.

Brief one single team for both iOS and Android.

We use technologies (such as Xamarin and Flutter) that work well across all platforms. With one team, and one set of tools, communication is easier, and maintenance work is more efficient. Most importantly, you won’t have to spend time repeating the same information to different development teams.

Meet trustworthy professionals in related fields.

Creating a successful app is not just about high-quality code. It also requires skills in UI / UX design and content production. If some of your needs are outside our expertise, we won’t leave you in the dark. We’ll put you in touch with our network of trusted collaborators. To save you time, we can also take care of project management if you want us to.

Keep your project on the right track.

You’ll always be in the loop and your Product Manager will remain in control. We’ll show you testable versions of our work every one to three weeks. During those regular conversations, you’ll be able to give us feedback and adapt the project’s trajectory if need be.

Rest assured that your app will always be available and working properly.

We continually put our work through automated and manual tests so that no issue ever goes undetected. If you opt for a maintenance contract, we’ll update your app over time to make sure it stays available in app stores and runs glitch-free on new phones and tablets.

Smoothly transition to an in-house team of developers.

When you’re ready, we’ll help you find, train, and onboard the right developers to build your own internal team. We’ll pass on our knowledge to your new recruits so they waste no time figuring out why certain decisions were made. Even after the transition, we’ll be available if you need advice or training.


Proxyclick’s Welcome app takes a load off receptionists. Instead of having to simultaneously answer calls, check in visitors, and track down hosts, they can now simply ask guests to check in on a tablet.

This project is challenging in part because companies need to be able to customize the design of each screen, and adapt the sequence of questions based on the purpose of the guest’s visit. Furthermore, data has to be queued and synchronized even when the tablet is offline. Lastly, the app needs constant optimization and excellent memory management to be able to handle large amounts of visitors every day.

We’ve worked with Proxyclick for over two years. As their client base grew, they gradually internalized design and development. We gladly helped them recruit and train their first developer to ensure a smooth transition from us to an in-house team.

“The team at RiseUp is both very professional and very nice to work with. They act as a real partner and not as a mere supplier. I’ve always been very happy to work with them on projects.”

Geoffroy De Cooman — Director

  • Offline data
  • Live updates (language, data, flow, etc.)
  • Heavily customizable design, content, and screen sequence
  • Transition from external to internal development team

Banque de Luxembourg

Banque de Luxembourg wanted to create an app from scratch, and contacted us to bring them our expertise. Our love for excellence came in especially handy in this project. A banking app has to work flawlessly from day one. Spotless code and a fluid navigation are essential for people to accomplish money-related tasks safely.

That’s why testing was the biggest challenge in this project. We carried out countless batteries of tests: from unit testing to integration testing, UI testing, and manual testing. The end-result? A high quality app that thousands of people use every day.

  • Precise charts of account statements
  • International money transfers
  • Complex testing on multiple screen sizes and platforms
  • Secure login with an external device

RTL Belgium

RTL Belgium came to us with the challenge of revamping the Bel RTL app from the ground up. The real difficulty in this project was to synchronize teams of mobile and back-end developers, marketeers, and advertisers. The workflow was completely new to us, but we adapted quickly and walked away enriched.

The inner challenges of the app ranged from a complex design (layers of tabs) to programming the app for both iOS and Android on a single code base. To top it all off, our code had to be flexible enough to work with two other apps: Radio Contact and MiNT. At the end of the day, all the pieces fit together perfectly while remaining entirely independent.

“Great team, great guys. The challenge was not simple but since day one, their work on our mobile applications has been pretty remarkable. High fives RiseUp!”

Cedric Rojo — Digital Manager

  • Messaging system (with live broadcaster)
  • Video streaming
  • Audio streaming
  • Analytics / statistics
  • Video / audio archives
  • News feed
  • Offline navigation